Religious Education

'Religious Education makes a significant contribution to pupils' academic development.' 

Religious education: realising the potential, Ofsted 2013

True to our curriculum driver of 'faith', the teaching of Religious Education is taken serious at St. Michael's. It is one of our core subjects. A breakdown of our RE curriculum is detailed below. 

There are four 'big ideas' that underpin our RE curriculum: 

  1. Stories and narratives 
  2. Doctrines 
  3. Rituals and practices 
  4. Metaphysics 

Each RE lesson is based around one of these four 'big questions' or themes. 

There are four key areas of disciplinary knowledge that underpin our RE curriculum: 

  1. Theology 
  2. Philosophy 
  3. Human and social science 
  4. History 

Each RE lesson includes a focus on at least one of the above disciplines. 

Each year group completes four units of study, each lasting for approximately 9 weeks. The world's main religions are studied in depth, according to the following weighting: 

Christianity - 50% 

Judaism - 11%

Islam - 11% 

Dharmic (Sikhism, Hinduism and Buddhism) - 21%

World Views - 7%

Curriculum Content 


  1. Origin Stories - Adam and Even; Nativity
  2. Lost and Found - The Lost Sheep; Easter: The Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ 
  3. Journeys - Hinduism: Lakshmi Walks Through the Night; The Road to Damascus 

Year One 

  1. Origin Stories - Noah's Ark; Nativity 
  2. Lost and Found - The Parodical Son; Easter: The Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ  
  3. Journeys - Islam: The Night Story; The Holy Spirit Arrives 

Year Two

  1. Christianity: Incarnation - The Nativity 
  2. Judaism: The Covenant - The Law of Moses  
  3. Christianity: Sacrifice - The Triumphal Entry 
  4. Islam: Pilgrimage 

Year Three

  1. Hinduism: Dharma 
  2. Sikhism 
  3. Christianity: Sacrifice - The Last Supper 
  4. Buddhism: Karma 

Year Four 

  1. Christianity: Incarnation - The Trinity 
  2. Judaism: The Covenant 
  3. Christianity: Sacrifice - The Trial 
  4. Islam: Pilgrimage 

Year Five 

  1. Hinduism: Dharma 
  2. Sikhism: Langar 
  3. Christianity: Sacrifice - The Crucifixion 
  4. Buddhism - Karma 

Year Six 

  1. Christianity: Incarnation - The Messiah 
  2. Judaism: The Covenant - Israeli-Palestinian Conflict 
  3. Christianity: Sacrifice - The Resurrection 
  4. Islam: Pilgrimage