Other than the PE jumper, all items of uniform are non-branded and can be readily purchased from large supermarket chains such as Asda, Aldi, Lidl, Tesco and Sainsburys. We also stock a limited amount of uniform items for sale in school. We do not make a profit on the items we sell at school. Furthermore, as always, we will provide support to any family re: the cost of uniform. 

It is a requirement that all children adhere to the uniform policy.

Boys' Uniform 

  • Grey v-neck jumper
  • White polo t-shirt
  • Grey trousers
  • Grey tailored shorts (summer only)
  • Black shoes or black trainers

Branded and Unbranded Clothing

The PE Jumper is the only item of branded clothing that forms part of our PE policy. We heavily subsidise the cost of this item, meaning parents pay £10 per jumper. 

The polo t-shirt that is worn for PE is the same polo t-shirt that is worn as part of the school uniform. 

Children should not wear any other t-shirt for PE e.g. football shirts and branded t-shirts. 

Girls' Uniform 

  • Grey cardigan or v-neck jumper
  • White polo t-shirt
  • Grey pinafore or trousers
  • Grey summer dress (summer only)
  • Black shoes or black trainers

PE Kit 

  • Grey St. Michael's PE jumper
  • White polo t-shirt 
  • Grey or black tracksuit bottoms 
  • Trainers or pumps 


Asda - Click here 

Tesco - Click here 

Sainsburys - Click here 

Aldi - Click here 


Any parent in need of support re: school uniform, should speak to Mrs Begum or email [email protected] . As always, we will do whatever we can to support our families. 

As much as possible, we ensure that second-hand uniform is available via the school office for parents to purchase or be gifted. If this is something that you would like to discuss, please speak to Mrs Begum (Family Support Worker)