Headteacher's Welcome

"Pupils enjoy attending this school. They are happy and feel safe. Staff provide high quality care rooted in the school’s values of ‘community, aspiration, learning and love’".

Ofsted, September 2021

Welcome to St. Michael's Church of England Primary Academy. I am hugely proud of our school’s Christian ethos and caring culture, as well as the excellent learning which takes place here every day. The staff, pupils and community of St. Michael's make this a fabulous school, where all feel happy, safe and enjoy positive working relationships.

St.  Michael's is a school of genuine love and great ambition. 

The school has undertaken many significant changes since September 2021. I truly believe it is special place for staff to work at and for pupils to attend. It is a school that places its families and community at its heart. It is a school on the rise. It is a school on the rise thanks to a community that will not stop until greatness has been achieved. 

As the headteacher of St. Michael's, I hold myself and my team to account by asking a simple question - Is it good enough for my own children? If the answer is no, then why not? What are we going to do about it? What we demand for our own children as parents has to be the very thing we provide to the pupils and families of St. Michael's. This is not up for debate. 

We have two guiding principles as a school, both of which are rooted in Biblical scripture and messages that transcend Christianity; messages that are rooted in other faiths. This is essential as a Christian school serving a multi-faith community. 

Firstly, we want our children to achieve the very highest of academic standards to ensure they have the best possible opportunities as they traverse through life. In general, education opens doors and qualifications improve the quality of life one experiences. 

Secondly, we expect our children to be loved and cared for by all who come into contact with them. We want our children to feel safe and happy. We want our children to feel supported and valued. We want our children to feel like they belong at St. Michael's. 

By the time our children complete Year 6 and move on to secondary school, their time at St. Michael's should have helped shape them into young people who are articulate, polite, ambitious and thoughtful. In an academic sense, their time at St. Michael's will be the first step on the road to fulfilling their God-given talents and hopefully achieving a university education. 

Our children have one shot at education. The need to strive for greatness and make the most of this opportunity is understood by all members of the St. Michael's family - children, staff and parents. 

We are Handsworth. We are St. Michael's. We are proud. 

It is with great joy that we open our doors to anyone who wishes to visit and see our values of Community, Aspirations, Learning and Love in action.


Mr Philip Hynan

Our Vision

For all pupils to fulfil their God-given talents and to aspire to achieve a university education.

Our Values





Our Motto 

vocati resurgemus - Rise to the Call 

Our Curriculum Drivers