Our school is committed to ensuring the welfare of every child:

  • It is the responsibility of all adults to safeguard and promote the welfare of pupils

  • Adults who work with children are responsible for their own actions and behaviours and should avoid any conduct which could lead any reasonable person to question their motivation and intention

  • Adults must work and be seen to work in an open, transparent way.

  • The same professional standards must always be applied regardless of culture, disability, gender, language, racial origin, religious beliefs and sexual identity. 


We foster a culture of openness and support and have in place a Whistleblowing policy to ensure there are clear procedures in place for dealing with allegations against staff which are in line with our Local Safeguarding Children Board’s procedures

As part of our induction procedure, all new staff receive the following training and information:

  • Briefing on Child Protection

  • Health and Safety induction checklist

  • Guidance for Safer Working Practice for adults who work with children and young people in education settings.

  • Copy of the Child Protection Policy

  • Copy of Keeping Children Safe in Education 2019

Designated Safeguarding Leaders

Mr P Hynan  - Headteacher 

Mr D Martin - Deputy Headteacher 

Mrs N Begum - Family Support Worker

Mrs D Delgado - Teacher 

Mrs K Devi - Learning Mentor

Key Documents