St Michael's C of E Primary Academy

Senior Leadership team

Miss Johnson

 Head of School

Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mr Rogers

Deputy Head of School

English Leader

Mrs Harrison

Assistant Headteacher - SENCO

Designated Safeguarding Lead

Year 3 Teacher

Intervention team

Mrs Devi

Teaching Assistant


Pastoral team

Miss Harvey

Pastoral Manager

Designated Safeguarding Lead

early Years Foundation Stage

Mrs Balmforth

Reception Teacher

Mrs Kaur

Reception Teaching Assistant

Key Stage 1 

Mrs Reeve

Year 1 Teacher

Mrs Begum

Year 1 Teaching Assistant

Mr Soor

Year 2 Teacher

Mrs Devi

Year 2 Higher Level Teaching Assistant

School Council

Mrs Devi

Year 2 Teaching Assistant

key stage 2 

Ms Osmond

Year 3 Teacher

Mrs Gul

Year 3 Teaching Assistant

Mrs Batul

Year 4 Teacher

Mrs Ashraf

Year 4 Teaching Assistant

Mrs Okolie

Year 5 Teacher

Mrs Loyal

Year 5 Teaching Assistant

Mr Blake

Year 6 Teacher

Maths Leader

Mrs Jakhu

Year 6 Higher Level Teaching Assistant

English as an Additional Language Support

Office staff

Mrs Heath-Gardiner

Office Manager

Mrs Begum

Office Administrator


Mr Crawford

Building Service Manager

Ms Henry-Williams



Mrs Jhamatt

School Cook

Mrs Singh

Kitchen Assistant

Mrs Mehta

Kitchen Assistant