The school’s staff form a united team, committed to seeing the school improve.

Ofsted, September 2021

Senior Leadership Team

Mr P Hynan - Headteacher and DSL 

Mr D Martin - Deputy Headteacher and DSL 

Early Years Foundation Stage

Miss E Ritchie - Class Teacher 

Mrs V Devi - Teaching Assistant 

Mrs R Loyal - Teaching Assistant 

Key Stage 1 

Mrs D Delgado - Year 1 Class Teacher and DSL 

Mrs H Jakhu - Year 1 Teaching Assistant 

Mrs Z Abdi - Year 2 Class Teacher 

Mrs K Kaur - Year 2 Teaching Assistant 

Key Stage 2 

Mrs A Okoli - Year 3 Class Teacher 

Mrs B Ashraf - Year 3 Teaching Assistant 

Mr Soor - Year 4 Class Teacher 

Mrs K Devi - Year 4 Teaching Assistant 

Mrs S Gul - Year 4 Teaching Assistant 

Miss S Noble - Year 5 Class Teacher 

Mrs S Begum - Year 5 Teaching Assistant 

Mrs L McMahon - Year 6 Class Teacher 


Mr D Goodyear - PPA Teacher 

Miss C Woodburn - Intervention Teacher 

Mr C Shaw - Sports Coach 


Mrs K Devi - Learning Mentor 

Mrs N Begum - Family Support and DSL 


Mr C Campbell - Site Manager 

Ms K Henry-Williams - Cleaner 

Mrs R Kausar - Cleaner 

Office / Admin

Miss Y Bavington - Office Manager 

Dinnertime Team 

Mrs S Jhamatt - Cook

Mrs S Singh - Cook 

Miss K Henry-Williams - Cook 

Mr S Gadu - Dinnertime Supervisor and Breakfast Club 

Mrs R Kauser - Dinnertime Supervisor