Bishop of Birmingham Award 2023

Awarded to St. Michael's C of E Primary Academy for:

Inspirational curriculum and transformational community development.

Citation for the Bishop of Birmingham Award for Living the Christian Vision 2023

St. Michael's Church of England Primary Academy

Awarded for:

The inspirational curriculum and transformational community development.

School leaders at St. Michael's are responding to the call to be a light in dark times and to be a reflection of Jesus, who fed multitudes as well as teaching them.

Deep commitment to families and their physiological needs as well as their ultimate flourishing, hand in hand with the bespoke, aspirational curriculum for the pupils of Handsworth, has resulted in transformation of the school. The outcomes for pupils and families are enormously life changing. Respecting the worth and preciousness of each person, the school has developed an integrated programme for responding to the needs of the families, whilst safeguarding the dignity of each. 

Collaborating with a range of external organisations, provision is made for adult education; guidance about health and nutrition; access to support services and food and many opportunities for eating together, generating wellbeing and connection. These initiatives have improved the quality of life for families and their sense of being valued and respected. This engagement with parents results in stronger home support for children's learning. In tandem, the carefully designed and skilfully taught, ambitious curriculum reflects the population served by the school, embracing diversity and addressing inequality and equipping pupils with powerful knowledge to be successful. The school's academic results are exceptional.