Date of Most Recent Inspection 

26th October, 2023 (Monitoring Visit) 


The Requires Improvement judgement issued in September 2021 remains in place - this can't change during a monitoring visit. School was judged to be taking effective action against the targets set in September 2021. Our next inspection will be a full inspection, during which, our judgement can change. 

Summary of Strengths 

  • Since the previous inspection, you have been relentless in your focus on improving the learning offer for pupils. This has been successful. You have undertaken a rapid and effective journey of improvement. You have prioritised the right things, in the right order. Staff, pupils, parents, and carers recognise this.
  • The work in pupils’ books is consistent with improvements in the curriculum. The passion and pride in their learning jump off the page. Pupils thoroughly enjoy speaking about their learning.
  • Leaders’ improvements to the curriculum are having a positive impact on most pupils’ achievement.
  • You are equipping staff with the knowledge, skills, and resources to teach the curriculum well. They respond well to this. The structures and sequences that you have put in place are clearly visible, no matter which classroom you walk into. Staff value the support and training they receive.
  • You are committed to being ambitious for the whole school community. You have focused not only on the curriculum but have also prioritised pupils’ care and their social and emotional needs in equal measure.
  • Pupils’ personal development is as important to you as their academic achievement. The precision with which you consider the wider aspects of school life is impressive. Pupils’ politeness, interest and skill in engaging in conversations with visitors is notable.

Summary of Development Points 

  • All staff to be clear about the whole-school curriculum and how it links to the curriculum in Reception (Early Years).
  • Some pupils with special educational needs could have their needs better met using more individualised targets and provision.