St Michael's C of E Primary Academy

Home Learning

Click on the website logo to take you to the website for homework set. Your child's login for these websites is inside their school planner. If your child does not have a login, please use the comment box below to request a new login. 

Home Learning Website

Please click the link to take you to the Home Learning Website.

Home Learning Support

Please click here to view the support page for the Home Learning website. This support page will guide you through how to use the website and how to complete the set work. 

The Home Learning website has been created to ensure your child is provided with daily lessons, set by your child's class teacher during school closure so their education continues.

Your child will be provided with:

  • a daily maths lesson
  • a daily writing lesson
  • a daily reading lesson
  • spellings for the week
  • in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 reading words will be set for phonics
  • a history project 

All children are expected to complete the work set and support will be provided by teachers. 

If you need to contact school regarding your home learning for support, please use the contact form. A member of staff will aim to contact you within 24 hours, Monday to Friday. 

Additional Websites

In addition to the Home Learning website, children are expected to use these website each week and usage is monitored. Whilst the school is closed, we will keep in touch with parents to find out how children are getting on. If any of these websites do not work please use the contact form below. 

Request Website Login Details