Our Writing Ethos

At St. Michael's, we support children to become confident writers by providing exciting materials and opportunities. Our aim is for children to develop the stamina and skills to write at length, with accurate spelling and punctuation and a fluent and legible, cursive handwriting style. They are taught the correct use of grammar at each stage. Children are given the opportunities to write in a variety of genres, covering the full range of fiction, non-fiction and poetry and are taught to edit and redraft their writing for a range of audiences.

Through our use of high-quality texts and models of writing, we aim to:

  • inspire children to develop a variety of writing styles
  • promote enjoyment of writing
  • encourage children to make careful word choices
  • use writing as a means of effectively communicating their feelings, ideas and opinions
  • understand that all writing has a specific purpose and audience

How We Teach Writing

We recongise that children, who attend our school, require good teacher modelling and scaffolding to teach the skills set out in the national curriculum; to achieve this, we follow a systematic and rigorous approach to the teaching of writing.

We ensure the National curriculum objectives are carefully planned to ensure children have breadth and depth of coverage. Medium-term plans identify when the National Curriculum objectives are taught and are linked to a specific writing outcome. 

Each writing-outcome is linked to the class text or topic. Teachers at St Michael’s plan the English units using the medium-term plans and the ‘St Michael’s’ lesson sequence.