At St. Michael's we are determined that every pupil will learn to read. As such, we recognise the importance of secure phonic knowledge and understanding and its direct impact on standards in writing, reading and spelling.  Across Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and Key Stage One (KS1) we use Letters and Sounds for the systematic teaching of synthetic phonics. 

In EYFS and Key Stage One, phonics is taught whole-class. This is so all pupils are taught content appropriate for their age. In order to ensure no pupil falls behind, same day intervention takes place. Ongoing assessment of pupils' phonic progress identifies any child who is falling behind. If they do so, specific, targeted support is provided.

In order to ensure every child becomes a reader, we have clear expectations of pupils' phonic progress each term from Reception to Year 2. This can be found here.

Oxford Reading Tree

We use the Oxford Read Tree Floppy's Phonics Fiction and Non-Fiction texts to match children's phonic knowledge to a text. The texts your child will bring home are below. 


These books are fully decodable and do not have challenge words. These texts are matched to a child's current phonic knowledge. They only include sounds and tricky words that have been taught and the child is familiar with.


This approach ensures that children are successful when they apply existing phonic knowledge to a text. They do not have to resort to guessing or using other inefficient clues. 


At St. Michael's we aim for 90% fluency in reading sessions and by the time children take home their reading book fluency is 95%.

Oxford Reading Buddy

All pupils have a subscription to Oxford Reading Buddy. This provides a range of e-book specifically matched to their phonic knowledge. After each book, a short quiz is available to complete. You can find your child's username and password in the front of their school planner. 


Click the link here to visit Oxford Reading Buddy.

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