St Michael's C of E Primary Academy

Prevent (anti-radicalisation)

We have been working with 'Connect Futures' and online training endorsed by the Home Office to deliver training and dialogue with our staff and children. It has a had huge impact in starting discussions and making all more aware of the early warning signs, and how we can support young people who may be struggling with their identity.

All staff are trained in the early warning signs of radicalisation and encouraged to stop and discuss, in a circle time, any issues they feel need addressing. By talking about issues e.g. Brexit, faith, culture, we know we will be giving them a balanced view, which they may not always be receiving elsewhere. We want our children to be confident to question everything, not to take things at face value.

We also want children to know, they can talk about their views without fear of being told off, that we will support them and help them see there may be other angels to their arguments.


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