St Michael's C of E Primary Academy

St Michael's Church of England School is committed to providing quality education based on equality of opportunity. In practice this means that the children have an entitlement to benefit from all educational activities to:

  • Participate fully in the school curriculum
  • Contribute to all aspects of school life.
  • Be a valued partner in the process of education.

These objectives must be seen to inform educational visits and therefore be integral to the process of charging and remissions in regard to parents/guardians who are on low income.

We aim:

  • To make school activities accessible to all children regardless of family income.
  • To respond to the wide variations in family income while trying not to make additional unexpected burdens on the school budget.

Activities and visits promoted by school that require funding can only take place if parents are willing to support the activity or visit by voluntary contributions which cover the cost. Each letter that goes out to parents regarding activities or visits will include the above statement.

  • For a residential activity taking place largely during school time no charge will be made whether for the education or the costs of travel. However charges can be made for board and lodging in these circumstances except for pupils whose parents are receiving Income Support or family credit. The Head Teacher will inform parents of their rights.
  • If sufficient support is shown the activity will proceed provided that no child is precluded from taking part because of an inability to pay.
  • Any cases of difficulties should be brought in writing, to the attention of the Head Teacher who will take appropriate action.
  • This policy will be reviewed annually by the Head Teacher, senior leadership team and whole staff to be presented to the Governors in the event of any changes.


Agreed: November 2018

Review: November 2019



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