St Michael's C of E Primary Academy

Attendance & Punctuality


At St Michael's CE Primary Academy we take attendance and punctuality very seriously. Both are monitored on a regular basis.


The start of the school day is 8.55am but school gate/doors open at 8.45am for soft opening, where children can go to class and complete a start of day activity.

Children will be marked late if they are not in school by 9.00am.

The start of the school day is very important in ensuring that they get off to the right start. We monitor children who are regularly late and will speak to parents directly.

Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club is open between 8.00am and 8.45am, children are not allowed to join breakfast club after 8.30am

Children are provided with a healthy breakfast for a charge of 50p per day.

School finishes

School finishes at 3.15pm and we expect all children to be collected at 3.15pm.

I am sure that you appreciate all members of staff have planning, marking and preparation to complete after school and therefore this time is very important and essential in ensuring that your child receives well planned and resourced lessons.



Your child is required by law to be in School.

Whilst we appreciate that children can be ill at times, a child’s attendance at school is very important as it has a direct impact on their learning. Please send your child to school every day unless too ill to attend.

Holidays should not be taken during term time (there are 175 non-school days a year in which to take holidays, please use these).

Where possible book appointments outside school hours to avoid disruption to your child’s education.

Birmingham Education Authority does monitor all schools’ attendance figures and action is taken where a child’s attendance falls below 96.5%.

If your child is too ill to attend then please telephone the school on the morning of the first day of absence.