Our Christian ethos

Every school is different, as is every church school. We are a church school because we are linked very closely to St Michael's Church and the community involved with St Michael's Church. However, our school welcomes children from all walks of life.  
Church schools with their distinctiveness were primarily founded to provide education for children in local communities, regardless of personal faith. They continue to be inclusive schools and ‘the justification for church schools’ lies in offering children and young people an opportunity to experience the meaning of Christian faith (Dearing 3.9) 
• To provide an education of choice that allows learners to critically explore issues of faith, belief and God 
• To encourage those of Christian faith, of other faiths and of no faith to engage with what it is to be human 
• To provide an education of excellence rooted in Christian values 
• To give an understanding of the Christian faith and the customs and practice of the Anglican church 
We seek to promote shared values based on Christian teaching throughout the school life so that children come to make behavioural choices based on Christian values. We ensure the worship and prayer life in Church of England schools is deeply engaging and provides children the opportunity to be closer to God. We ensure Religious Education and spiritual, moral, social and cultural development are very strong features of the school as they help children understand the faith of others and the importance of listening and reflection as key parts of the faith journey.